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Steam Cleaning Services

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Carpet Cleaning

It’s important to note that not all cleaners use the same method. We always use high pressure steam cleaning machinery which is by far the most effective method for deep carpet cleaning.

We steam clean your carpets in the most convenient and effective way possible in the hope that you’ll think of us when you need your home cleaned again in the future.

This deep steam cleaning method will restore your carpets to their former glory. If you need an affordable carpet cleaning service, don’t hesitate to give us a call or submit for a free quotation using the forms on our website.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you’d like to see your bathroom or kitchen tiles returned to their former glory it’s best to have them professionally cleaned.

There’s only so much grime and discoloration ‘elbow grease’ can remove. We combine powerful cleaning agents with rotary polishing machines to lift out all the grease, mould, dirt and limescale that accumulates over the years.

Because grout is porous, it absorbs any dirt or spillages that can’t be cleaned off with just a cloth.
You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean your tiles look and feel after we have finished with them.

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Upholstery Cleaning

As well as carpet and tile cleaning we provide upholstery cleaning services and can manage both your carpets and furniture in the same visit.

There are numerous reasons so have your couches and armchairs professionally cleaned. Whether you’ve spilt a glass of red wine on your new couch or it’s just looking patchy from years of use.

Our team has the equipment and experience to have your furniture looking brand new in no time. If you do have a tough stain or spillage on your furniture we can use pre-spotting in combination with our steam cleaners to make sure there is no evidence.

Water Damage Restoration

If you have been affected by flooding or water damage in your home or commercial property it’s essential to get onto it straight away.

We are fully qualified to handle flooding restoration. Our specialists use suction equipment to extract water and dirt from your home. A flood can arise due to leaking pipes or heavy rainfall.

If left unattended water damage can go from a hassle to a devastating in a matter of hours. Do not hesitate to call us so we can ensure maximum recovery of your property.

Rug cleaning

As the only carpet in the room, rugs often accumulate even more dirt and dust than fully carpeted rooms.

We’re able to clean both oriental rugs and modern synthetic rugs. If you have multiple rugs that need a once over, our team of carpet cleaning pros will be happy to assist.

We treat rugs with a few different methods such as a full soak and scrub or traditional steam clean. Depending on how old and delicate your rug is, we can help you decide on the best

young couple with keys at end of lease
End of Lease Cleaning

If your lease is ending soon and you want to guarantee you get your bond back. It’s a wise idea to have your carpets, rugs and tiles cleaned.

to ensure you impresses the owner upon inspection. This is not just a respectful way to leave the premises, but will also encourage the property owner to become a valuable reference for future rentals.

So if you’re moving out soon and would like to invest in the return of your bond and the ease of your next lease, we can help.

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Pro Carpet Cleaners

If you need a professional carpet cleaner in Wagga Wagga you’ve come to the right place. We have years of experience steam cleaning carpets for homeowners and businesses across Wagga and the surrounding suburbs.

Having a pro take care of your carpets is the best way to ensure the health of your family and pets. Different carpet types require different treatments and it takes a trained eye to know what will work best in your home. If you need other rooms cleaned such as your bathroom or kitchen we also offer tile cleaning services.

If you need a complete refresh of your home we have the knowledge and equipment to handle upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning and pressure washing.

Whether you need a gerni for you driveway stains or you’d like your curtains steam cleaned where they hang, we have a cheap cleaning solution for you. Our team of pros are a one stop shop for taking care of those difficult surfaces. Your home will be smelling fresh and clean for months after we’re done with it.



You may be concerned about having us clean if you’re working from home. Rest assured our flexible calendar allows us to find a time that suits your busy schedule. We’ll be in and out before you know it.

One of the most common carpet cleaning questions we receive is: “how long do I have to stay off my carpets for?” You might be pleasantly surprised to know that your carpets will be almost completely dry within half an hour. This is only possible with the high powered industrial steam cleaning machines we use.

Your carpets are never actually soaked in water but rather vaporised in hot steam which breaks down dirt, dust and bacteria to leave your carpets completely spotless.

Carpet Cleaning FAQs

What is the best carpet cleaning method?
When booking a carpet cleaning company, it’s a great idea to ensure they’re using industrial strength steam cleaners or you may not be getting value for you money. Our cleaning process works so well by blasting hot vapor down the the base of your carpet fibers to break down all the dust, stains, dirt, bacteria, and other microbes living on your floors. The hot steam pulls these nasty contaminants off from the fibers of your carpet and removes them once and for all. This method is the single most effective way to keep clean carpets. In the same way that washing your clothes in water is many times more effective than shaking them out. Carpet steam cleaning works many times better than vacuuming of shampooing.

Is there really bacteria living in my carpet?
Unless your carpet is brand new or has been cleaned very recently, it is entirely likely that you have microscopic critters living on your floor. This is especially prevalent for family homes with kids or pets running through the house. Having your carpets cleaned with the hot water extractions methods mentioned above is the most effective way to rid your house of these unwanted pests without using harsh chemicals.


 How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

This depends on how many people you have living in your home and how much foot traffic goes through each room. For most homeowners it’s in your best interest to have your carpets cleaned at least once every 2 years. If you have kids playing outside and dogs / cats in and out of the house regularly, you may want to have your high-traffic areas cleaned more frequently, say every 12-18 months, to ensure your families health.

Happy Customers

Over the years of carpet and tile cleaning across Wagga, we have built relationships with local homeowners and businesses in the area.


We are proud of our customer base and the positive reviews and recommendations we receive from them. We also do commercial carpet cleaning for offices and schools throughout Wagga.


There is no job our qualified and experienced team cannot handle. From stain removal and spot cleaning on your upholstery to deep cleaning of your tiles and grouting.


Our carpet cleaning system is tried-and-true and will see your dirty carpets looking and feeling great in no time. If you need cheap and reliable carpet cleaners that provide quality results, give us a call today on (02) 6130 0781

Happy family lying on rug after cleaning

These guys were able to clean 5 rooms in my house by the time I walked the dog to the park and back. Can highly recommend their services

– Lisa Ketchler

I tried a few chemicals from Bunnings to get my tiles clean but it was taking forever and the results still weren’t as good as what these guys did in minutes

- David Allen

My partner and I got these guys in to clean up the house before we moved out. The landlord was stoked and gave us a great reference for our next application.

- Jason Chavez

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